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CASS Certified Address Accuracy:
Verify and correct the accuracy of your mailing list using USPS CASS Certified address accuracy and correction complete with reporting and statements of accuracy. Not only will this improve the deliverability of your mail, but it is also a USPS requirement. Any mailings not CASS certified or failing to meet the minimum accuracy levels will be flagged during MERLIN processing and face postage penalties.

Delivery Point Validation:
Recently the USPS imposed more stringent address hygiene requirements such as Delivery Point Validation. DPV processing verifies that the address in question is still in active service. This service is mandatory by the USPS and would for example identify and flag addresses affected by Hurricane Katrina.

PAVE Certified Mail Presortation:
Mail presortation is the process of sequencing, grouping and containerizing the items and labelling the bags and containers to allow the USPS to bypass various processing steps and facilities within its mail distribution network. USPS PAVE certified zip+4 Mail Sortation for mailings for all sort and size classifications, complete with Delivery Point or IMB barcodes, barcoded container labels, and all manifests ready for drop to USPS
The USPS mail preparation and presortation options are:

Standard Mail
First Class Mail
Bound Printed Matter
Machinable & Non-Machinable Parcels

Visit USPS.COM for more information on mail preparation and presortation.

Duplication Elimination (Merge-Purge):
Duplicate pieces going to the same recipient or address not only wastes money, but also annoys your customers. Data Media has been writing and developing in-house merge-purge software for over 15 years and is an industry leader in identifying and eliminating duplicate records. Our Merge-Purge is capable of working on single or multi-list databases using custom customer specific matching criteria.

Demographic Modelling:
Demographic analysis and modeling of customer or other files to determine response rates, regional buying trends and future cost-effective marketing strategies

Custom Programming;
We have been database programming for over 20 years and it is what we love to do! Whether it be data capture, unique duplication elimination, demographic modeling or a data base that needs a complete over-haul, we can create a program to fit your needs. Let us know what your goals are and we will help you reach them.

American National Change of Address (COA):
Full service 48 month Change of Address processing (see our NCOA Web Page)

American Mail Preference (Do Not Mail) Service:
Mailing unsolicited material to people who are registered on the DMA Mail Preference (Do Not Mail) directory is waste of time and money, and in many cases these people are the ones who are going to call and scream at your customer service staff. Let Data Media run your mailing list of non-existing customers against the DMA registered consumer names that do not wish to receive any unsolicited mail. You will improve the response rate of your mailing and your customer service staff will thank you!

High-speed Label Printing:
If you need to Cheshire label a mailpiece (or other material) with addressed labels, we have printers that can print these labels at high speed. Our printers are even capable of printing Postnet/IMB Barcodes so that you will still qualify for your automation discounts.

Data Media created and developed an extensive genderization program capable of identifying gender for thousands of different names.


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