Postal Rates & FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions    

Has it been more than six months since your last checkup? How much is your outdated mailing list costing you?

A typical 10,000 record database after just six months can cost you ...

Average number of movers — 5% or 500 records
Average address corrections required— 5% or 500 records
Total UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) mail— 1,000 pieces!

Minimum cost of postage— $.35/pc or $350
Possible production cost of your mail piece — $.30/pc or $300
Lost sales due to lost communication with your customer — PRICELESS!

For less than the cost of lost postage alone, we can re-connect you with your customers! Ask us how!

1. What is Addressed Admail or Standard Mail?
Addressed Admail (Canadian) or Standard Mail (American) is bulk mail presorted into postal delivery sequence according to postal specifications and date codes. By presorting, you can save up to $0.18/letter and over $1.60/piece for a magazine weighing 250 g.

2. How many pieces do I need to qualify for bulk mail rates?
For Canadian mailings, a minimum of 1,000 pieces is required. However, if you have less than 1,000 pieces you can pay a small “phantom rate” which is still cheaper than mailing first class. For American mailings, a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lb. is required for Standard Mail sorts.

3. What is "Do Not Contact Service"?
"Do Not Contact Service" matches your mailing list against a database of people who have registered with the CMA (Canadian) or DMA (American), and have asked that their names be excluded from unsolicited mailings. This is a great way to reduce production and postage costs, increase response rates, and eliminate angry phone calls. Data Media always recommends this process for prospect mailings and offers this service for both Canadian and American mailings.

4. What is NCOA?
National Change of Address. This service compares and updates your database against the national database of people/companies who have moved in the past three years (and registered their move with Canada Post/USPS). Data Media offers this service for both Canadian and American databases, plus we return comprehensive reporting showing the nature of each move, whether it was a family or individual, business or personal, etc. We recommend using this service at least once a year since some lists experience move rates of over 10% per year.

5. What is Publication Mail?
Publication Mail is for publishers of magazines, newspapers, or newsletters who meet certain minimum requirements such as frequency, editorial content, and a subscriber list. Publication Mail is similar to Addressed Admail and provides additional postal discounts.

6. What is DBMC "Pool Mailing"?
The USPS recognizes that the closer the mailing is inducted by the mailer to the final destination, the cheaper it is for the post office to process the mail. The USPS offers postage savings incentives to mailers who deliver the mail directly to the corresponding BMC or SCF processing facility. On larger mailings “pool mail” planning can save mailers thousands of dollars in postage, and reduce delivery times by several days. Data Media weighs all the options in every mailing it prepares in order to maximize savings and minimize delivery times.


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